Turnaround Advisory

Taking The Necessary Steps To A Successful Turnaround

Navigating successfully in the very complex and challenging environment of turnaround advisory takes confident leadership, forthright communication and management expertise. At Raindance, our partners are able to step right in with the critical financial, operational, and "people" experience to very quickly understand the key issues driving the present situation and stabilize the company.

Our Top Priority: Maximizing Cash Flows
One of our very first priorities is to assess the current cash flows of the company. This is best accomplished by designing and implementing a measuring matrix focusing on the critical success factors driving the cash flows.

Rebuilding Requires Team Building, Too
Once we've determined those factors driving the cash flows, Raindance Strategic Partners, in conjunction with key management personnel, will develop an immediate action plan to maximize the cash flows. Creating a working collaboration with your employees may start at the top level, but it doesn't end there.

To our mind, establishing buy-in" throughout your employee ranks--including the hourly wage earner-helps fuel a successful turnaround. Through open, direct communication and a hands-on management style, our goal is to drive information through the organization and begin the process of transitioning employees to think and act like owners.

In conjunction with maximizing cash flows, we also work with your creditors, suppliers, and customers to rebuild trust, repair damaged relationships, and reestablish confidence in the organization. By incorporating intuitive leadership and a truly customized approach that goes well beyond the consultant capacity, Raindance Strategic Partners will reposition your organization to succeed.