Russ Morrison - Senior Partner

Mr. Morrison has over 25 years business experience in sales, marketing, business development, finance and consulting. He has expertise in developing strategic sales and marketing plans, initiating new products and markets, increasing sales and helping reposition companies for future growth.

Mr. Morrison began developing his marketing expertise with Procter & Gamble (consumer brand management) and Carlson Marketing Group (business-to-business). Subsequent consulting engagements honed both B2C and B2B strategic and tactical leadership.

His sales success has been with mid and large-sized firms that sold to the Consumer Package Goods or Retail industry. For the past 15 years he has been a self-employed executive-in-residence and consultant for small and emerging firms providing strategic, tactical and personnel support. As an executive-in-residence he has assumed roles including National Sales Manager, VP Sales, VP Marketing, VP Business Development and Interim CFO.

Professional Highlights:

Owner - Russ Morrison LLC
1994 - present

Self-employed consultant and executive-in-residence - 12 major engagements.

VP Business Development engagement – Protegrity USA
2007 - 2009

Data security software provider - developed IBM, HP and CA partnerships.

Interim CFO and VP National Sales/Marketing engagement - CSP Group
2003 - 2007

In-store display and fixture manufacturer and promotional packaging firm.

VP Business Development (US) engagement – Twenty-Ten Inc.
1999 - 2004

Attitudinal and behavioral targeting data management provider.

National Sales Manager engagement - ImpactMedia
1996 - 2000

Door-to-door sampling and national event marketing firm.

Regional Sales Manager - Gage and Carlson Marketing Groups
1990 - 1994

Marketing services providers to consumer products companies.

Director of Marketing - Software Clearing House

Worldwide distributor of NCR and Unisys mainframe software.

Brand and Promotion Manager - Procter & Gamble