Financial & Operational Solutions For Moving Forward

Today's business environment can lead to unexpected conditions and challenges for even the best companies. A basis of action must be taken in order to help preserve the enterprise and avoid possible business failure. The timing of these solutions can be critical.

Raindance senior partners are experienced in restructuring situations and are able to advise companies in distressed situations and organizations with underperforming assets. In the majority of distressed situations, both operational and financial restructuring is required in order to return the organization to stable ground.

Raindance has experienced financial specialists on board with commercial lending backgrounds to assist in securing the capital required for recapitalization or to refinance the company. Our relationships with private equity groups, distressed funding, and key financial institutions gives us the ability to provide the best possible capital solutions.

Raindance works effectively with debtors and creditors to develop client-specific workout plans addressing both financial and operational challenges.

Services provided:

In these very stressful and difficult situations, count on the fiduciary experience, leadership, and integrity of Raindance Strategic Partners to help your company regain stability and long term success.