Interim Executive Management

Viable Leadership For Companies In Transition

There are times when transitional leadership is a company's best and most prudent path to long-term success. Raindance Strategic Partners has the depth and experience needed to successfully meet your organization's immediate needs for interim CEO, COO, or CFO services.

This gives your company time to conduct a thorough executive search and to ensure the best possible transition and operational environment for the permanent hire.

Because our partners are contractually prohibited from being hired for the interim role we are serving, our executives remain focused on accomplishing your transition goals and are solely motivated to deliver a successful outcome.

Our senior partners have served in the management trenches of a variety of industries, and are experienced in leading companies through many operational challenges: poor profitability, negative cash flows, low productivity, operational problems, product and customer issues, and market share deterioration.

Rather than theoretical or academic recommendations, Raindance provides confident, hands-on leadership for as long as you require it, resulting in value-added solutions supported by our years of experience as CEOs, COOs, and CFOs.