Capital Sourcing

Optimizing Your Capitalization Program

Raindance financial professionals work with business owners, investors, and senior management to develop and implement a capitalization strategy that best meets both the business and principals' long-term goals.

We assist in securing the funding for growth capital, fixed asset expansion, acquisitions or recapitalizations from a variety of reliable sources: private equity funds, mezzanine lenders and financial institutions. Our focus is to deliver the most reasonable cost of financing in order to optimize the future financial and operating flexibility of our clients.

Led by one of our senior partners, our approach is methodical, straightforward and tailored to fit your specific needs:

capital sourcing

• Financial Modeling - Raindance will perform an in-dept analysis of your business including profitability review, variable and fixed costs analysis, current capital structure, cash flows, forecasting, and future capital structure requirements.

• Placement Memorandum - Based on the financial modeling exercise and extensive discussion with senior management, we prepare a detailed, yet concise document representing the business case including the competitive environment, pro forma financial statements, financial needs, and future opportunities.

• Develop Target Sources - Based on the industry, financial conditions, and requirements Raindance will develop a targeted listing of both debt and equity partners that match your company's needs and requirements.

• Sourcing of Funds - We review this list of potential sources of funding with appropriate senior management. Upon approval, Raindance will develop a one page blind summary of the business and funding requirements to be sent to the target sources.

• Monitor Process - Raindance will track and control the process of releasing additional information only to approved parties.

• Negotiations, Document review, and Closing - Raindance makes sure that all legal documents critical to a successful transaction are in order. We assist in the negotiation process ensuring all issues are resolved, resulting in a final close and funding of the transaction.